Certified Specialist in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

The following are a sample of actual comments (verbatim) written directly about or to  Dr. Papadopoulos from treated patients following their orthodontic  treatment. All comments were voluntary through thank you cards, written letters, reviews or emails to the clinic:

Patient Testimonials

Katelyn F, age 30 ★★★★★

"I got my braces off today and I am VERY pleased with the results!  Dr. Papadopoulos is very knowledgeable, friendly and professional. He always went out of his way to speak to my daughter if she was with me. He always answered any questions I had and really listened if I had any concerns or wanted something to look a little different. I highly recommend this orthodontist and I will be bringing my daughter there when the time comes for her to have braces"

Meryem T, age 17 ★★★★★

“Dr. Papadopoulos, thank you so much for all of your care  and attention during my orthodontic journey. Thank you for your caring  and friendly manner that made me look forward to my next appointments.  You helped me smile again. For me, having straight teeth was almost  impossible, but you made it happen. You are amazing!”

Evonne S, age 38 ★★★★★

“I am thrilled with my new smile! Over the course of two  years, I was a regular patient of orthodontist Dr. Papadopoulos. He  consistently provided kind, attentive care during my visits and was  always happy to answer any questions that came up. The results were ease  during adjustments and a wonderful set of final teeth! Thank you Dr. Papadopoulos.”

Katie C, age 29 ★★★★★

" I got my braces off today and I couldn’t have asked for a better  experience for my second time having braces. Thank you Dr. Papadopoulos  for making me love my smile again, I’m beyond happy"

Brittany B, age 29 ★★★★★

 "Dr Papadopoulos is great, he took the time to actually speak with me and explain his plan, which I really appreciated as an adult receiving treatment, and he noticed all of my concerns upon first meeting me before I even had a chance to tell him"

Emily F, age 14 ★★★★★

"Very professional and personable service. Always kind and helpful." (review from parent)

Sophie F, age 16 ★★★★★

"Very professional and careful service. We were impressed that all of the  necessary time was taken every step of the way and our daughter is very  impressed with the results." (review from parent)

Arielle E, age 40 ★★★★★

" Amazing. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the doctor and the  staff. Professional and polite. Doesn’t say you need something if you  don’t need it. Amazing with me and with my children. Highly recommend.  Wouldn’t go anywhere else!! "

Ashley A, age 26 ★★★★★

"This is my second time getting braces, as I went to a different orthodontist the first time. I am very, very pleased with the service from Dr. P and his team. Highly, highly recommend!!!!" 

Laura M, age 13 ★★★★★

“Thank you for all the work and effort you put into my  treatment. I am really glad you were my orthodontist because you made  everything less scary”

Kimiko, age 22 ★★★★★

“I will be forever grateful for how much you have changed my smile”

Lauren H, age 24 ★★★★★

"Thank you Dr. Papadopoulos for always making my appointments fun. You're so friendly and professional and very good at your job!"

Gretchen M, age 32 ★★★★★

"You are literally the best! You're so personal with your patients  and the amount of passion that oozes from you is so obvious. Thank you  for being a huge part of this journey!" 

Victoria I, age 19 ★★★★★

“Thank you for your great service to people, as well as your  kind and friendly attitude. The work you do for your patients does not  go unnoticed”

Rebecca B, age 32 ★★★★★

"My treatment with braces has been amazing! Thank you Dr. Papadopoulos for making my smile beautiful! :) "

Amanda L, age 26 ★★★★★

"I absolutely recommend getting your braces here. My smile is SO amazing. I would also recommend Dr. Christos Papadopoulos he is brilliant and knows what he is doing." 

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